Monday, September 7, 2009

Week 2 game prep: Links and wisconsin film study

wisconsin week. Our annual week of embarrassment thanks to the jocking of the badgers' jump around (which makes The Bulldog Bounce guilty by association).

Now that the elephant has been spotted and kicked out of the room, let's prep for what will be a very physical, hard-hitting slugfest with a little bit of flare mixed in on Saturday. For those of you who like to put coaching staff-like hours into each game, let's get to work.

Below you will find various links providing info on the bad guys (wisconsin) and the good guys (Fresno State).

  • Official Fresno State football media notes for week 2 vs wisconsin (including depth charts)
  • Barkboard: message board community for Fresno State fans

When you're ready, bust out the notebook and make good use of the replay. Below is an abbreviated version of Fresno State's highlights from its 51-0 mauling of uc davis and 10 minutes worth of highlights for both northern illinois and wisconsin below that.

northern illinois @ wisconsin

I'm already spitting blood in anticipation.


  1. Great stuff guys.. thanks for all the hard work!!!

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