Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Week 3 game prep: Links and boise film study

First things first: As I'm prone to do sometimes, this blog comes with directions. Directly below is the pre-game hype song for the Bulldogs -- We Ready. Click play then listen until you're done reading through the Fresno State portion of the blog. Further directions to come later.

The broncos (2-0) come into Bulldog Stadium having won two games, both of which were home games, against oregon and miami (OH), respectively. So far little attention has been given to the fact that the broncos used 22 players on defense at a time, 22 of which couldn't be seen by the quarterbacks of neither the ducks nor redhawks. Video replay does not show indisputable evidence proving otherwise.

The broncos will be displaying their new all-white uniforms, meaning they obviously heard about Fresno State's upcoming attempt at a white-out and quickly adjusted accordingly. Little do they know stubbornness is also a trait of Bulldog fans, so Bulldog Red should also be well represented.

And finally, boise state's orange-clad mulletteers, a close relative of this species, will also be present behind the north endzone for the broncos. So all in all, this should be your run of the mill cornucopia of colors.

Below you will find various media links (first for the Bulldogs, second for the broncos) so you can get yourself pre-gamed out before Friday's showdown. Also, toward the end of the blog, you will see two videos of boise state game footage from its first two games of the season. Yes, the camera angles and quality of the second video suck.

First up, Fresno State links:

  • The Bark Board: Fresno State's biggest hub for both authentic and douchebag fans.
  • 1430 ESPN radio online: Listen during the local hours from 1-6 to potentially hear Fresno State football discussion.
  • The Collegian: The exceedingly pessimistic sports section for Fresno State's student-run newspaper.
  • Dogbyte podcast: Unofficial fan podcast on Fresno State football. Hey, it's something.

Instructions part 2: Make sure We Ready is done playing or stopped above and then click play on the song below for the remainder of the blog. You can silence the other videos during your film study session if you wish.

Second up, boise state links:
  • OBNUG: Fan blog of the broncos specializing in keeping themselves entertained.
  • IPT photo gallery and sound slide of boise's game with the redhawks. Pay special attention the outstanding talent in the band toward the end. That wouldn't make 17th string on the 300+ member Pride of the Valley.
  • Here's what the broncos play on the video board prior to their home games. Richie Brockel looks like such a teddy bear. And Kellen Moore looks like he could chuck so much wood if he could chuck wood, which he could so he does chuck a ton of wood.
Study time:

Study time part 2:


  1. Thanks for linking to us but it should be all caps, OBNUG, since it's an acronym.

    Are you guys going to do the blog bet this year?

  2. What's the "blog bet" you speak of?

  3. I think the boise team has a bunch of pompous d bags that deserve to be punched. There was an insane amount of taunting going on during this game.

  4. Email us at tips@obnug.com for the details. Basically winning team gets to post on the other team's blog.

  5. I can't even remember the last time I saw someone in Boise with a mullet. Nice try though. To be fair, it seems like a lot of Bronco fans seem to be senior citizens.

  6. I wish you guys lots of luck on Friday! I live in the middle of those orange and blue lunatics. They're so good at dishing it out, but when it comes down to it, they're really babies about the whole thing (hence how I found your link - someone's bronco blog was whining that you compared them to the people of Walmart). Try calling them the donkeys, they really hate that :)

  7. Ever considered moving this blog to SB Nation?

  8. Yeah anonymous, because we should just sit back and not say anything. Are you saying people shouldn't defend themselves? I mean that seriously. Explain your logic so I can understand better. Personally, if someone takes a shot at me I'm going to fire back. It's not a macho thing, I expect the same from other people. Enlighten me.

  9. Looks like The Collegian and The Redwave Podcast had it pretty accurately.

    There is a difference between pessimism and realism. 1-2 is less than half full.

  10. Hahaha. If a tree falls in the forest ...

    You're right, there is a difference, but you wouldn't know what it is. That doesn't change the comment. It remains true, and it wasn't just in regards to football. That's realism from our end.


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