Saturday, September 19, 2009

Time to talk Colburn

It was still the first quarter of Friday night's 51-34 loss to No. 10 Boise State when the Red Wave (which was mostly clad in white) made me cringe. Quarterback Ryan Colburn threw an incomplete pass and the fans, his own fans, Fresno State's own fans, booed. Not all of 'em, but dozens of them at least. And they should all be ashamed.

Colburn's not an NFL player making $2 million a game. He's a college kid, and he's playing his heart out for the Valley's team. And how can you not root for a guy who's hurt this much by a loss? If that doesn't show how much Colburn cares, I don't know what would?

Now that that's settled, let's analyze how he's doing (no boos allowed). After throwing for just 10 yards in the first half Friday, including two interceptions, Colburn finished 14 of 29 for 187 yards and two scores. Very underwhelming stats, but considering the poor first half he finished quite strong. Plus, he out-passed Boise State's Kellen Moore.

On the year now, Colburn is 41 of 74 (55.4%) with 637 yards, 6 touchdowns and 6 interceptions.

So you tell us Red Wave, has Colburn done enough to earn a stronghold on the starting quarterback job? Was it a mistake for coach Pat Hill not to play Derek Carr, or even Ebahn Feathers in passing situations?


  1. RC is one tough cookie.That being said, we are very fortunate to have the receivers we have as there have been numerous marginal throws that there skills have made the completition. RC's numbers would be much worse if it wasn't for the WR's. RC has some great skills but I don't care if it is your first year as a starter or not as a QB your team mates are counting on you to win football games! RC has got to STOP turning the ball over or his team mates WILL LOSE FAITH IN HIS LEADERSHIP. Timing routes or not QB'S at this level have to make the right decisions! He has had 4 years to work on reading plays, and NOT LOOKING DOWN RECEIVERS! I think RC could be one great QB but he must get on a fast track to correct these flaws, if not you will see DC soon.
    P.S. All the RC fans out there, I am an RC fan as well and am not bagging on him, I am just stating what needs to happen to win more football games. If RC can do it, than great but if not then PH needs to do what is best for the team. I think next week if the same mistakes happen early you will see CARR.

  2. I too being from V-town would love nothing more than to see RC get it done. However the first 3 games I have not been impressed. I too am in the camp of thank goodness we have tremendous athletes at WR. I know it's been a while (4yrs) since game action but really practice is also live action. It's not like he's been sitting idle for the last 4 yrs. With that being said he should be the back up and we should feel great about having such a capable back up but really DC just has all the tools to be better than RC. It won't be long before we see DC.

  3. I was booing Pat Hill, not RC. It's a dis-service to the the team and fans to continue sticking with a player performing so poorly when you have options. Colburn threw 5 picks in just over 2 quarters of football, from 2H of Wisky to 1Q of Boise. A perfect example of Hill's stubborness, and the reason he'll eventually lose his job.

  4. R.C. Just needs games under his belt. The kind of mistakes he is making seem to me to be mistakes of inexperience. Personally, I think he is going to a very, very good QB...I will say the best since David Carr. I think the skill and leadership is there. I cannot wait to see the younger Carr play...but RC is going to make that wait tolerable. ...You'll see.

  5. I agree with RC just needs games. In already 3 games, RC has completed more bombs than Brandsetter did in his entire career. yes, he has thrown quite a few picks, but he has thrown just as many TD's. Yes I would like to be 3-0, but for a first year starter, I am hoping it is growing pains. He does stare down receivers, and I think he learned this from the boise game. Did you see his pump in the second half. I think he is just going through his learning process. This just brings me to my question, why didnt pat hill play RC sooner? Brandsetter was just god awful.


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