Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday Hangover

The Sunday Hangover is a new day-after-the-game quick read reaction post that we will publish the day after each Fresno State football game. After a day and/or night of tailgating, beer drinking, partying, crying, cussing, cheering and celebrating, etc, combined with a short to long night to sleep on it, we will post the knee-jerk reactions of Bulldog Bounce bloggers, in three sentences or less each.

Reactions will range from entertaining, a waste of ___ seconds/minutes of your life, funny, boring, curse-laden and everything in between. Feel free to post yours in the comments below as well. It could be just about the previous day's game, the current state of the season, a play you can't get out of your head and want back, trash talk to the other team or anything else that you can connect the dots to make a connection to the Fresno State football team about.

Moving on, today's edition features four of the Bounce's bloggers:

"Freaking crap this hurts, but this team is full of toughness and resiliency, which makes me proud. I just hope they stay motivated to push through this glass ceiling, because it'll only take a few more cracks to break it and Bulldog Football officially returns."

"This is gonna be a frustrating two weeks before the 'Dogs have a chance to get back on the winning track at evil hawaii."

"The Bulldogs never seem to give up, which I commend. However, there are mistakes on the field and in the game plan that have prevented us from winning."

"I feel frustrated and disappointed. I am tired of being close and not winning."

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