Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grading the 'Dogs (1-2) vs. No. 10 Boise State (3-0)

Quarterbacks: C-
Give Colburn credit for battling back, but atrocious start with pick-six put his team in a whole it would never quite crawl out of. Both of Colburn's interceptions were terrible decisions, and he had just 10 yards at the half. Finished 14 o f 29 for 187 yards after big second half. Overthrew West on a critical would-be TD late in the game.

Running Backs: A+
Not everyone got involved, but Mathews and Rouse (who is quickly becoming the second option) did. Mathews had a career game with TD runs of 69, 60 and 68 yards en route to 234 yards (12.3 per carry). No one does that to Boise State's defense. Rouse added 7 carries for 53 yards.

Receivers: A-
Rebounded from a slow start to make several huge plays and keep Fresno State alive, including West's wrestle-away from a Broncos corner, Ajirotutu's leap ball and Wylie's ability to stay in bounds and twist around for the TD catch on a fade route.

Offensive Line: B
Came out flat as 'Dogs dipped to a 24-3 hole, but got stronger later in the game, and made key second-level blocks on Mathews' big runs. Gave up two sacks for the second straight week.

Defensive Line: B-
Applied pressure most of the night, especially with Carter and his casted left arm dominating everyone lined up across from him, but couldn't quite get to the quarterback or running backs in time. Career game for Lewis.

Linebackers: C+
Made key first-half stops, but softened along with the rest of the defense in the second half. Needed to do a better job of foreseeing.

Defensive Backs: D
Give Jefferson credit for running guys down multiple times, forcing a fumble into the end zone and leading the team with 8 tackles, but play of Zak Hill was inexcusable -- out of position, lack of reaction time, not fast enough to play-catchup. Haynes dropped easy interception when 'Dogs were down by 7 points early in the fourth quarter. Dunn had his back to the play as Broncos were in the middle of a huge running play. Why no Thomas, Pat Hill!?

Special Teams: F+
Not that the plus matters, but give Goessling credit for the two field goals and Shapiro for the longer kickoffs. That said, the kickoff coverage is abysmal right now, and Baxter needs to step up and fix it. The 'Dogs have too many of their slower players on the coverage unit and blow their lanes all too often.

Coaching: C
It almost got out of hand early, but credit the staff with bringing the 'Dogs back and giving Boise State a big scare early in the fourth. Offense is humming, but kick coverage was horrible and defense couldn't keep coming up big. Cover kicks better, don't play Hill over Thomas and what's with not putting Carr or Feathers in to throw in the final four minutes when the game was decided?


  1. Colburn doesnt suck, you know who sucked was Brandsetter. In already 3 games Colburn is much more enjoyable to watch then brandsetters career.

    I think this grading is pretty dead on. if not for the first half, colburn's grade would have been better. As for coaching, offensive coaching should get a B and def coaching gets a D.

    We need to remember that this is only colburn's 3rd start (and 1st against the #10 team in the nation). We all wish he could have gotten experience last year but Hill refused to let him throw in the boise game last year. The speed of the game still needs to slow down for him. Hopefully he learned to look off his receivers after he watches tape of this game.


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