Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Colburn named starting QB

Breaking news on the quarterback front. Junior lefty Ryan Colburn was just named the starter for the season opener at Bulldog Stadium against UC Davis. He beat out true freshman Derek Carr and redshirt freshman Ebahn Feathers, though both might see time in the game.

First word of the news appeared on the Fresno State Athletics facebook page (must be logged in prior to clicking on link to view) and is now up on The Fresno Bee.

What are your thoughts about coach Pat Hill's decision?


  1. LOL. But according to the Bulldog Bounce Carr has been pulling away and really distancing himself in the qb battle. haha thats great reporting guys, maybe you should pay attention when your watching practice instead of figuring out how to make derek carr like you more.

  2. Congrats to RC he has put in his time and appears to have a bit more size than DC. I think we couldn't go wrong either way as there is talent waiting on the sideline if the starter has troubles. I wish RC all the best, my only advice is RC remember DO NOT STARE DOWN YOUR RECEIVERS and you will do great.
    Go Dogs!!!!

  3. As I've said many times, I think either QB can win and they're both very likeable guys. Our bloggers, though, have offered in-depth analysis on who's been better during practice (while it was open).

    That considered, I'd be shocked if Carr didn't grade out a bit better than Colburn in the data Hill and the staff analyzed. I think it was the experience with the system and actually taking a college snap that boosted Colburn.

    I find the criticism of unbiased analysis quite odd though, considering no one's up in arms that we've said Harris seemed to outplay Ellis at RB and Spacht struggled with snaps at center, etc.

  4. i agree w/ the first comment..you guys seem to have a big man crush on derek carr..especially DC3. Seems funny that you are the only blog writer to comment on the issue of bias...probably because you don't have a bias..but according to some of the posts it does seem carr had more love on this blog as a whole compared to colburn.

  5. First anonymous, you are a coward (for not putting your name once again and for being a crap starter). For three days (in the first week of camp), Derek Carr had produced at a higher level than Colburn. That's true. That was after Colburn had been the BETTER QB the first two days. That was also before they had even gone live. We also said not to give Carr the job, because there was a lot of time left, although he would make it a tough decision for Hill.

    The decision wasn't made until Tuesday of game week, after the depth chart had been released. Both quarterbacks threw over 60% in camp. Colburn has outstanding leadership ability, is unbelievably competitive and has been very consistent (and consistently good) all camp.

    Carr is the first true freshman quarterback ever to contend for a starting position and we knew hardly anything about him coming into camp. We had a two week session of spring ball to see him play. There were more than a few people interested in hearing how a new, young and local recruit was doing. Most knowledgeable Fresno State fans should know quite a bit about Colburn by now, seeing as he's been around for four years. If that's a definition of a man crush to you, then that's your problem. Colburn is = to Carr as far as I'm concerned.

    Nobody, including us, cares if Derek Carr likes what we've had to say in our blogs. As far as I'm concerned, what I've personally blogged on has been absolutely accurate and a written version of what happened, not some twisted formulation. What happened happened out there.

    All that said, I hope for nothing but the best for Colburn. I hope he lights it up and helps lead the Dogs to victory. All signs point to Colburn being an outstanding quarterback. No matter who is leading the team, whether it be Colburn, Feathers or Carr, I hope they do well. That goes for every one of the guys dressed in Bulldog Red Saturday, on either side of the ball.

    Stop trying to stir the pot. Why is that so hard for you to understand?

  6. From everything I read both quarterbacks were even in ability. Some made the case that DC2 should be given the job given that he has a bigger upside and he has done a lot to catch up with RC in such a short period of time. RC has been in the program for four years and has waited for his turn and I think this is the tie breaker to decide who leads the team. I have no problem with the decision and just want our Dogs to win. As others have commented, if you see RC struggle then PH will give DC2 a look so this compition may not be over yet.

  7. Another mistake by Pat Hill. Big surprise.

  8. OUTSTANDING I doubt RC will fail, however if he stumbles Carr will get his shot the Bulldogs are in good hands.


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