Saturday, September 12, 2009

Grading the 'Dogs (1-1) @ Wisconsin (2-0)

Quarterbacks: C+
4 TDs and big-play capability of Colburn has been sorely missed past three years. But three interceptions (although first was blatant pass interference on the hit to Wylie) ain't gonna cut it. Colburn needs to know when to put touch on passes, and when to zip 'em in there.

Running Backs: B
Mathews' 107 yards and Rouse's 46 yards lead 'Dogs, as the backs got stronger as the game wore on. Mathews flashed big-play ability again with 55-yarder, but Miller and Harding were ineffective in limited reps.

Receivers: A-
West (5 catches, 49 yards, TD) and Wylie (5 catches, 114 yards, TD) had their best career games. Ajirotutu added 6 catches, 83 yards, 2 TDs while making an acrobat grab to extend to double overtime. Tight ends, though, were non-factors in the passing game.

Offensive Line: B
Pass blocking was phenomenal and Bernardi scored a knockout. Run push came up in second half, but offense didn't capitalize. Without this group, the big plays wouldn't have been there.

Defensive Line: C
Got out to dominant start, but weakened as game went on. Carter, with 2 sacks, was only player consistenly applying pressure, with occasional help from Borg. Interior linemen need to contribute more.

Linebackers: C
Jacobs led all with 15 tackles, and Herron came up with a couple big stops late. But partial blame lies here for Clay's 72-yard run and tight end Graham's catches.

Defensive Backs: C
Allowed Badgers too much open ground after taking a 21-7 lead and were dominated for a couple drives. No turnovers hurt bad, especially when Dunn had position but didn't turn his head. Still, part of the blame lies with blitzes not being effective enough and Tolzien making great plays under pressure.

Special Teams: D+
Shanked punt by Malone, missed field goal by Goessling, two blocks in the back that negated solid returns, and allowed Wisconsin to hit 57-yard field goal.

Coaching: B-
Offensive playcalling was refreshing, defensive was aggressive, but seemed like the team let off the gas a bit when it had a big lead. Need the "killer instinct." Team was definitely focused and ready at kickoff.


  1. Tough loss for the 'Dogs. It seemed like we controlled most of the game. Too many mistakes at crucial moments, and lack of execution when we needed a big play.

    A good showing of our potential though.

    posted by mizarkn

  2. Another great game in this series. Glad we're going to keep playing you guys.

    I'm sure it was a tough loss to swallow. It was a big win for us.

  3. Whoever #60 is stunk up the joint today. He just got abused.

  4. Overall played well Dogs. But all it takes is a couple of bad plays and all the hard work does not equal a Win. Im am sorry but Goessling has got to GO. His team mates are relying on him to do his job under times of pressure, this guy has lost multiple gamse with his poor play. I know everyone is going to say how well he came back from the pressure of missing the first kick and what great potential he has but his team mates don't need potential when they have been pouring there hearts out all game, they need a kicker to do his job. He has made a whopping 25% of his kicks against Wisky in the last 2 years, thats not going to work!!! Kick-offs, I know that the coaches are kicking short to try to get down and lay a big hit, but all they have done since the UCLA game with this theory is lay a big egg! Im not a mental giant but I can tell you when you have a kicker who can kick it DEEP in the end zone every time this will eliminate a lot of big return chances. KICK THE BALL DEEP IN THE END ZONE!!!!! I have been critical of Colburn, that being said he is a young QB getting only his second start. He is going to make mistakes, he will improve. 3 INT's is not gonna get it, but knowing you have a green QB, this is where guys like Goessling have got to carry there load. The Dogs are a Kicker away form a 10+ win season either Goessling starts performing under pressure consistently or PH needs to get a kicker who thrives on winning games. Overall Dogs I am very proud of your performance, you are young and played very well, now comes the true test, how will you rebound? Keep your heads up, as you should be proud of your overall performance and lets kick some DONKY butt....
    GO DOGGSSSSS......

  5. Colburn's INTs are caused by the fact that he put too much air on the ball. The Badger DBs are poor in coverage. He had other completions that would have been picked off against better CBs, as the balls were in the air for a long time.

    The turnovers were deciding factors in the game.

    Your C+ grade is extremely generous.

  6. The first pick, intended for Wylie, was both a blatant pass interference that went uncalled and a throw that wasn't hanging in the air. I think it's a bit unfair to discredit Colburn's whole performance on the other two picks.

    Yeah, the throw last week against UC Davis was a terrible decision, the ball intended for West in the end zone in double OT this week was floated way too much, but the fact Fresno State is a big-play threat again will lead to big things.

    Let's not forget David Carr threw FOUR interceptions in his first road start at Ohio State during his junior year.

  7. "Colburn needs to know... when to zip 'em in there."



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