Saturday, August 11, 2007

Anybody know the Mexican national anthem?

Because Fresno State's Hector Hernandez (nickname: Double H) is playing on the Mexican national basketball team.

Check that, the undefeated powerhouse Mexican national basketball team.

We have no clue how prominent a role Hernandez plays on the team. His stats weren't mentioned in a recent article in the El Paso Times. But apparently, he starts.

And he was the only player quoted on the team.

As a practicing journalist, Simpletext assumes that means he probably speaks better English than some of the other players. Either that or he was the last player left in the locker room.

Or maybe it was his thoughtful, charismatic — definitely-not-coachspeak — answers. (Sarcasm rocks! Read on.)

"I think we played pretty good; most of the time ... not the whole time," Hernandez was quoted as saying in the El Paso Article after a 116-87 win over a team of New Mexico All-Stars at UTEP. "We had our ups and downs. We've got to fix that, fix it where we play the same for 40 minutes and not for 20 or 30 minutes."

Is he talking about basketball or a booty call?

Anyway, Mexico, which was 16-0 after the win and is coached by former UTEP and Arkansas legend Nolan Richardson, is hoping to make it to the Olympics in Beijing.

That would be pretty cool for Hector. We wish him luck.

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  1. Hector is getting great experience and it will show on his senior year. I took a look at the Mexican Team,man, Clevland should recruit some of these players! Would solve our inside game problems.


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