Monday, August 20, 2007

Will Pat Hill ever lead the 'Dogs to a BCS bowl?

That was the question posed to me when I opened up my Bark Board inbox tonight (thanks for the feedback SMELLMO).

It's not something I just sit around thinking about. Actually, it's something I've grown to expect. Haven't you?

I mean, Pat Hill came roaring in here about 10 years ago, and I was a scared high schooler, afraid what might happen to the program once Jim Sweeney left? But I soon found out Hill took everything Sweeney did and turned up the dial (pun intended).

He said, why not us? Why can't we be the next Florida State? Let's paint the Valley red. He held car sale after car sale. Spoke at event after event. He stopped stocking the team will JC guys and built a solid foundation from the ground up -- all the while telling us what he was planning. He coaches the same way. He has no problem telling opponents his team is gonna run right at 'em. Because if you execute, they can't stop you. He doesn't coerce players into becoming Bulldogs, he gives 'em the no-nonsense lowdown of what to expect and they either buy in or they don't -- he tells them they have to earn it. He said shutup and hit somebody. He said anyone, any time, anywhere. He aimed as high as possible. Didn't settle from less. Demanded good grades and put an emphasis on school from Day 1.

That's my attitude. Maybe it's just how I was raised, but my pride for Fresno runs deep. Pride for the whole Valley. I stand up when people from LA or SF or SD try to talk down at us. And much of that pride comes from Fresno State. That's our national stage most of the year. Showing how much we care about our great city, and getting a national audience to tune in on fall Saturdays (or whatever day of the week we play).

Brian Billick and Jeff Tedford were the other two finalists when Hill got the job. And I say, with 100% confidence, Hill was the best choice. Sure, Tedford would have been good too. Billick maybe?

But I guarantee no one would have matched Hill's vision for what Fresno State football can be, and no one would have worked as tirelessly to get it there. He's been telling us all along what he wants to do, and he's done a lot of it. There's no reason not to believe he won't finish the job.


  1. We will get there! And when we do, I'll be the first one to buy a ticket to the Fiesta Bowl.

  2. I think that was one of the best things I've ever read from you. My blood is pumping and my heart is pounding. Nobody in any place can match the pride we have for this school and Valley. Even if it's 2 vs. 1 million. Smart money is on the 2. Don't ever underestimate Fresno State.

  3. I am full of pride in the Valley, and never miss an opportunity to express it here in Monterey County. But give me a break, when you state there is no reason to think Pat Hill won't "finish the job," I will tell you that 10 years without so much as a solo WAC title beg to differ with you.

    Still, hope springs eternal!

    Go 'Dogs, win the WAC!!

    Steve Burnes

  4. Well, he did share a WAC title in '99...but did Jim Sweeney ever win a solo WAC title? ...And he is still considered a great coach.

    I would agree that it's time Fresno State started dominating the conference more, but I think the hopes and dreams here are a bit more lofty than just the WAC. But that needs to be part of it.

  5. fsdogs1, I agree with you completely. I am not a Hill hater--I am a Bulldog lover!

    Go 'Dogs--win the WAC (for starters)!

    Steve Burnes

  6. and — i — am a steve burnes fan.

    steve, you are my favorite blog reader.


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