Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scrimmage News & Notes

For the sake of time and sanity (a WHOLE lot went on at the scrimmage) here's a quick keyword rundown:

Offense: wow, improved, constant new looks
Defense: gonna have to do better than that

Ahijah Lane: will be sorely missed
Ryan Mathews: star in the waiting, smooth, light on the feet, big-time jukes
Lonyae Miller: featured back
Marcus Riley: got the speed back with more size
Tom Brandstater: much more accurate, quick routes, always has been a good practice player
Ryan Colburn: much improved from spring
Matt Faulkner: gamer, ate up third-team D
Jason Crawley: most improved receiver, could start with seamless transition
Clifton Smith: faster, stronger, X-factor keeps the D guessing
Drew Lubinsky: team never seems to capitalize when he's open
Tim Lang: working at WR and QB, big-time speed, strong arm
Ryan Wendell: in for a monster year
Bobby Lepori: may have turned in to the best LT in the WAC, Mankins-esque size
Ben Jacobs: now a starter, will have to mature even quicker than he already has
Jason Roberts: sorely needed for breakout year, must keep the motor going
Tyler Clutts: must assume leadership of D

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