Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Sweeney gets saucy

It was fun to see former Fresno State quarterback Kevin Sweeney get his name mentioned in three different newspapers across the country this week.

Some paper in San Diego did this long snoozer on a guy who broke Sweeney's NCAA passing record. We'll spare you the link because it's possibly one of the most boring articles ever written. What else would you expect from a story about the SDSU Aztecs? But if you need a nap, go look on google.

Sweeney also got a couple of mentions in Colorado because the eeevil Dan Hawkins is coaching his son for the Buffaloes, and it's the first time it's happened since Kevin and Jim did it in mid-80s. We don't like Dan Hawkins because a) He ruined David Carr's perfect season. b) He likes to run up the score. c) He wears those stupid Oakley wraparound beach volleyball sunglasses. d) all of the above. And e) We dare you to find one person who actually does like him.

But Sweeney, more specifically, Jim Sweeney — we like. Check out his quote in the Boulder Daily Camera.

Regarding Kevin Sweeney earning the starting job as a redshirt freshman and some female caller to his radio show criticizing the move: "She wanted to know, 'Are we gonna be seeing anyone else besides Kevin Sweeney play?'" Jim Sweeney said. "I said, 'He'll be playing as long I'm sleeping with his mother.' "

So Sweeney's what like 90 years old now? What was he then? 65? And he's on the radio alluding to how he bones his wife between the sheets on local radio?

Yes, that guy over on the left in black and white. Boning. Think about it.

And then goes off and tells the story to someone in the Colorado media. What a throwback to simpler times.

We miss Jim Sweeney. We miss him like we miss scotch in the mornings, sexism and workplace harassment — which is to say, very, very much.

Now, to make up for all that geriatric sexual imagery, here's another throwback of which we are very fond: The defunct Fresno State dance team!

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