Saturday, August 25, 2007

Speaking of Sweeney...

Somebody needs to explain something to us. Why is Beau Sweeney, son of Kevin, grandson of Jim, not on his way to Bulldog Stadium next season? But instead, on his way to...Cal!?!?!?

The first wave of this news a couple months ago was infuriating and down-in-the-dumps sad all at the same time. You see, if there is ONE person in the world who grows up under the bloodlines where he'll be an absolute shoe-in for Fresno State, it's that kid -- Beau Sweeney. His dad was 5-foot-nothing and broke the all-time NCAA passing record at FS. His gramps was and IS the historical face of Bulldog Football.

His grandpa beat USC in '92 and then stood on a hotel lobby table in front of his players/media/fans/and anyone else lucky enough to be there and sang "I've Got That Bulldog Spirit" up in my head, deep in my heart, down in my toes... His grandpa was willing to fight for Fresno State (ask Ron McBride). Threw his hat on the ground. Pulled off his shirt, threw that too. He was a motivational speaker at its finest.

But what happened? Why didn't he motivationally speak to grandson Beau? Sweeney = Fresno State football. Always has. Maybe Beau will wise up and change his mind. He would be the hometown hero. It would be a national story. Name another time in history a dad coached his son at QB and then the QB's son became QB 18 or so years later and was one of the most highly-touted players to come to Fresno State. Name can't!

So I hope you're listening Beau. Maybe Pat Hill didn't call soon enough or offer soon enough, but if you've always wanted to go to Fresno State, what's stopping you?

You at Cal hurts the family name. It's like peanut butter sleeping around with someone other than jelly. If that ever happened, jelly would kick peanut butter out of the sandwich. And Fresno State fans aren't gonna be happy about eating jelly sandwiches.


  1. Maybe the run, run, pass, punt mentality of Fresno State played a factor in his decision.

  2. What is it ment in the poll about Dan Brown? Did he leave?

  3. No, Dan Brown didn't necessarily leave, but Randy Stewart (DBs coach) is filling in at D-coordinator while Brown recovers from his surgery to remove a growth in his head.

  4. Run, run, pass, punt? Do you know how often Clovis West runs?

    And Pat Hill and the team's playcalling is designed around personnel. David Carr and Billy Volek got plenty of opportunities to pass. And, actually, so did Paul Pinegar.


  5. What's with everybody and this run, run, pass, punt theory. You guys need to get a clue. Are there times when this happens? Sure. Unfortunately, you are one of the few who pay attention only when something negative happens and glorify to make a ridiculous point. Chart the plays this year. You will find out how lame you are.

    Oh yeah, nobody ever said Sweeney couldn't contact FS. That's like Rudy not going to Notre Dame. This needs to be corrected.

  6. If all the local kids stayed home and played for Fresno State, we would kill all the Pac 10 schools and others around the country.

  7. This was a bad decision on Pat Hill's part. Not offering Beau Sweeney to come play at Fresno State. Coach Sweeney IS, and shall remain,the "God Father" of Fresno State Bulldog football. We don't have to go into all that he built--or laid the conerstone for--as the longest,and winningest football coach at Fresno State. I mostly support Coach Hill's decisions in his role as our Bulldog's head coach. But, this was not cool. It was borderline dissrespect,and lacked any gratitude. This young QB Beau Sweeney can stand on his own record because he's really good. It's a shame that he wasn't offerd long before he chose to play for a guy that seems not to care wher he played ball at anymore. Shame..

  8. Are you serious? What makes you think Hill didn't offer Beau Sweeney? Have you talked to him?

    Jim Sweeney laid the foundation for Pat Hill to come in and raise to program to a new level. And Beau Sweeney could have been a huge part of it.

    Even if he wasn't offered during his junior season (is that really necessary?) his decision not to come to Fresno State is offensive to me as a longtime Red Waver.

    Let's hope Beau changes his mind...


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