Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

That's one of the lines of the Sacramento State fight song: Fight, fight, fight, fight fight.

We doubt we'll hear much of it on Saturday, though, when the Hornets' football squad is in Bulldog Stadium. Because if any Sac State fans make the trip, they won't have much to cheer about.

Lucky for us, that also means we won't have to hear the rest of their fight song: The Hornet’s NEST is BEST in the WEST (Shout) BY TEST!

Seriously, that's how it goes.


I jest.

In all seriousness, Sac State shouldn't at all be a match for Fresno State on the football field. And people seem to agree. Ticket sales for the game had been slumping, and the marketing department went into overdrive to try and sell the matchup.

But there's a fight, fight, fight, fight, fight we'd much rather see. Fresno's Trisha from the Real World vs. Sac State's Shauvon from the Real World.

The smart money's on Trisha, not only because she's from Fresno but because anybody who wants to punch out Parisa is A-OK in our book.

A quick look at alumni lists already shows Shauvon as one of the top five most famous Sac State students along with Tom Hanks, Bobby McFerrin and former Good Morning America host Joan Lunden, who was known as Joanie Blunden in her Sac State days.

Fresno State doesn't have many entertainment celebrities among it's notable alumni, but at least a certain well-known NFL quarterback didn't have to change his name from Trentie Dlilfer when he went into the draft.

Alright, that's enough Hornets bashing we suppose. Here's a COOL thing about Sac State. No ish, they had a university president named James Bond in the 1970s.

The only bad thing about that is the guy he followed into office was named Otto Butz. Yes, a school with Sac in it's name also had a president named Butz.

And the school's founder was named Dickie Titz. OK, OK, that's not true. But all the other stuff is. And so's this: SAC STATE IS GOING DOWN!

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  1. Making your theory even better, is that Shauvon is claiming to be from Sac, but is actually from Merced...


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