Saturday, August 18, 2007

Speaking of Tradition...

How many Fresno State fans don't participate or aren't aware of all of the traditions? To boost gameday pageantry, let's make a list. If I leave some out, add 'em in. We'll call this the rules of Fresno State fandom:

  • Wear Bulldog Red
  • Tailgate early and watch the band follow the paw prints to the stadium
  • Go in at least 30 mins. early when the siren goes off
  • Line the Red Mile (stadium ramp) and give the visiting team an intimidating entrance
  • Sing along with the alma mater (learn the words if you don't know 'em)
  • Stand for every kickoff
  • If you're a fan who likes to sit down the whole game, expect the rowdy fans in front of you to stand up AT LEAST every third down and every big play
  • Be respectable, don't throw beers (not even at Oregon State), don't throw screwdrivers (even if June Jones made up that whole story) and don't cuss at the visitors (even if they're Boise State fans acting like jerks)
  • Do the old school "Defense" clap-clap chant, but don't do it in hyper speed (are you listening student section?)
  • Keep being the loudest fans per capita in the country
  • Wow everyone in attendance with the heralded "Fres-no State, Fres-no State..." chant
  • Bark
  • When "Turn Up the Dial" is played by the band, move your arm up and down (tomahawk motion) with the thumbs up
  • Clap to "Fight Varsity," the Bulldogs fight song
  • Dance like crazy to the Bulldog Bounce (great way to start the fourth quarter AND a great name for a blog)
  • Participate in Third Down Thunder (it's not lame, it gets the crowd going)
  • Never EVER boo your own players (I don't care how many picks Pinegar throws)
  • Don't leave early EVER, not if FS leads by 50, not if FS is down by 30


  1. Excellent blog! I especially appreciate the point of not acting like morons--throwing beers--ok, now only Welty and his sissy skybox friends can do that--on opponents, cussing at others, only give our "U" a bad name.

    The less knowledgeable then use such behavior to define us as "classless." Never allow others to define us negatively due to ugly behavior.

    Make them lie about it. Then it speaks more about them than us, telling the world who the REAL moron is! Are you listening, June Jones!?!

    Go 'Dogs!

    Steve Burnes


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