Tuesday, August 7, 2007

I miss you James

I miss some of our players like James Sanders. He's one of those guys that you knew would give it his all on every single play, no matter what the scoreboard said, or what our record was, or even who we we're playing.

He's responsible.

You can count on him.

He's dedicated.

In order to get back to playing "Bulldog Football" our young guys need to follow suit of men like James Sanders. By no means do I want to discredit our team, but I think we didn't give some of our players from past years enough credit for leading our team to great victories.

The young Bulldogs, I believe, are very capable of great things. Let's just see how it translates onto the field.


  1. You're 100% right on that! Not only was Sanders a superstar (which by the way, FS could've used him in that '05 USC game when he would have been a senior) but he was a true leader.

    And he didn't even need to talk to lead. If you saw him at practice on any given day, he would drop to the ground and do up-downs every time anyone on the secondary messed up.

    If he gave up a TD to a receiver, he did up-downs. If he dropped a potential interception, up-downs. If one of his secondary 'mates blew coverage of Jermaine Jamison...up downs.

    No mistakes were acceptable = Bulldog Football.

  2. The Providence Journal ran a big feature on former Fresno State safety and Porterville native James Sanders.

  3. In two years, there will be another Porterville native in the NFL -- TE Bear Pascoe.


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