Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Disrespect to the WAC

It seems like this guy was just looking for reasons to hate on the WAC.

What a buffoon ....

I emailed him. Here's what I said:

"If you're going to mention that Alabama barely beat Hawaii last season, and lost to Hawaii in 2003, when "The Tide" had bad years. You've should be consistent and mention how Fresno State had it's worst season in 31 years (finished 4-8), and lost to LSU 38-6 last season. You shouldn't only point out certain things to make your column more favorable for your "point."
But hey, I guess you've got to write your stories, and make your BCS/SEC friends happy.

Thanks for your time,

mizarkn - Fresno, CA"

There are other columns about conference matchups, but he was looking for something bad about the WAC.


  1. I agree look at some of the sec teams nonconference schedules. They are very weak such as arkansas against troy university of tenesee chatanooga.

  2. bottom line, there's no reason for this column to even be written. what's the premise? that the SEC is better than the WAC?

    what's this guy writing next? the sky is blue?

    this guy was bored, struggling to come up with a column idea and pulled one out from between his butt cheeks.


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