Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Here's an idea...WEAR RED!!!

Seriously, what the heck is this gimmicky junk the athletic department keeps coming up with? We are the Red Wave -- not the White Wave, not the Black Wave. RED! Got it?

So why then are fans now being told to "blackout" the Boise State game? Why not just hammer home the point for everyone to wear red? Do you think it looks cool for a national television audience to see the Red Wave I don't. Especially not against the hated Boise State Broncos.

More than any other game, that should be the one where school spirit permeates across the stadium, from fan to fan, with everyone screaming at the top of his/her lungs and proudly displaying their school color -- Bulldog Red.

Sure, this game is supposed to be a funeral of sorts for Boise State, and black is common at funerals, but the whole ideas just cheapens the longest-standing and most original tradition Fresno State has ever had, the nickname Red Wave.


  1. Exactly! I think it's stupid when people go to the game and they're wearing anything but a red Bulldog shirt, they know they're going to the game right? Wearing black to a Bulldog game is like wearing shorts to a funeral, it's just not appropiate! Wear Red!

    El Perro Chato y toda la porra de Los Perros Bravos!

    Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, Bulldogs till we're dead.

  2. I think its rediculous that people don't want to wear black. Its one stinking game, I think you can handle wearing a different color.

    Did you see the savemart center for last year's white-out vs stanford. The whole place looked incredible and personally I can't wait to see bulldog stadium blacked-out.

  3. The Save Mart Center DID look incredible. You know why? Not because it was whited out. But because EVERYONE wore the same color.

    At Fresno State, that color should be Bulldog Red. It's the longest standing tradition there is at the university. It's what put the Red Wave on the cover of Blue Ribbon in the early 1980s. It's what made Hawaii's newspaper columnist nickname the Bulldog Stadium ramp "The Red Mile" ... and during this lame blackout, it's definitely not gonna be a red mile.

    It truly is offensive to me when someone wears ANYTHING other than red to a Fresno State game. Offensive.


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