Thursday, August 2, 2007

I wish we could claim them

Somebody might be doing some resume inflation.

Either that, or The Connection newspaper in Fairfax, Va., bows five times a day toward Fresno, which Virginians believe to be the Mecca of all softball.

Former Bulldog Carie Dever-Boaz, a three-time All-American at Fresno State from 1989-90, is coaching some professional team out there. And according to The Connection's bio on her for a recent story, she competed in four College World Series and won three NCAA titles with the Bulldogs.

That's three more than Fresno State is claiming before their first-ever national championship in 1998. In a little place we call reality, Fresno State did finish second in the nation to UCLA in all three of Dever-Boaz's All-American years and took fifth in 1997.

Maybe this Dever-Boaz in Virginia is really an imposter from an alternate dimension where Fresno State actually won all those national titles. Or maybe she figures no one will ever call her on a little white lie. She might have never heard of George O'Leary.

Or maybe it's none of those and just a big misunderstanding.

Either way, you know how Pat Hill is always saying the national perception of Fresno State is much better than it is in Fresno? Here's proof he's right.

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