Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wright eats wrong stuff

Dwayne Wright spent 13 hours in the hospital being treated for an allergic reaction, according to reports.

The former Fresno State running back said he's fine, but he's apparently allergic to tomato and avocado. That sorry killer tomatoes movie probably scared the crap out of him back in the day.

And we're guessing that's something college defenders wish they knew last year.

What desperate player who'd just been run over for the third time wouldn't have snuck in some tomato soup to smear it on the guy in hopes of getting him out of the game? It's not like those little cans of Campbell's don't cost like 10 cents.

Sucks for Wright, who's expected back at practice Wednesday. He was having a good camp by all accounts.

It also sucks, you know, because he can't eat things like: pizza, ketchup, catsup, spaghetti sauce, V-8, barbecue sauce, and chimichangas (because who'd even want one without guacamole on it?)

Studys show eating tomato can even decrease the risk of prostate cancer by 19 percent.

Good luck with that, Dwayne.

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