Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Which Way Is The Gym?

Whichever direction it is, Fresno State fans are about to find out that Bulldogs mascot Timeout has been spending much of his time there. Like many Bulldogs fans, I am cautiously anxious about the new costume, which is supposed to be a leaner, meaner version of college football's best mascot. Protein shakes anyone?

Hopefully, the costume will become as recognizable and powerful as the stickers on the football helmets are, because we all know people be lovin' that four-paw dog. Still, the former Timeout was indeed a popular one, and will be missed, so the new one must be an upgrade.

I just hope that person behind the costume design is as talented as the person who designed the four-paw mascot. Just don't let it look like a carbon copy of the Georgia mascot, or any of the other Bulldog mascots, for that matter.

Regardless of what Timeout looks like, this we know: whomever lines up across from our boy Timeout on the football field is in deep doo-doo.

Just ask the La. Tech bulldog and the boise bronco.


  1. i read somewhere that the timeout costume was like 80 years old or something. i guess it's OK to update it. but if they make it a sissy version, we'll have to call for someone's head, probably welty's.

    oh, and they need to make it so the head on the new version's costume doesn't come off so easy.

  2. Damn, I have a photo of Timeout giving the La Tech Bulldog a drop kick! I sure hope I didn't delete that photo! Would have worked perfect with your post! darn it!

  3. I remember when that Boise bronco did the "suck it" motion to the FS fans right before Timeout speared him in the WAC b-ball tourney, and then went to the local TGI Fridays and whined about his lesson learned.

    Hahaha, classic! Also, don't forget when Timeout taught the Oregon duck a lesson a couple years ago.

    NO 'DOGS DOWN!!!

    And, yes, the new Timeout costume had better not look goofy and ridiculous like Georgia's misproportioned mascot. Gosh that would be upsetting. Don't fix what's not broken!

  4. The new Timeout awful. He might be more buff, but he looks more like a chipmunk than a bulldog. Give us back out old Timeout!!

    A fan for over 30 years.

  5. Our new Timeout is awful!!. He looks more like a chipmunk than a bulldog. His mouth is open all the time. He look retarted. Give us back our old Timeout. Please !!!


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