Wednesday, August 8, 2007

You're talkin' about PRACTICE!?

That's right, Day 3 of practice (the veteran session of fall camp, perfectly timed to catch about 30 mins. during your lunch break), to be exact. For mizarkn, the highlight would have been that Heidi Watney was in attendance (media day).

But for the rest of us, here's a rundown:

The WRs and DBs did isolated one-on-one about pressure. It's basically a defender on an island going against the speediest guys on the team.

Sharrod Davis worked with the vets today, and was exposed. That's cause for concern, because he's expected to possibly be the No. 2 or 3 CB (and no less than No. 4). Hopefully he still will be, but he's got a lot of technique work to do, and coach Randy Stewart was letting him know it.
Gotta love Stewart's hands-on fundamental teaching by the way. He's a great (albeit sweaty) coach and it shows in the recent factory of NFL DBs to come out of FS (James Sanders, Marcus McCauley, Richard Marshall, Tyrone Culver, Vernon Fox, Therrian Fontenot).

CBs A.J. Jefferson and Damion Owens both stood out in the drill. S Jake Jorde seemed to lack confidence in his ability to stay with the quicker WRs, namely Seyi Ajirotutu, with coach Stewart calling him out for leaving 10-yard cushions between himself and the WR.

Things heated up in a hurry across the field, as the front 7 of the defense took on the offense (OL, TE, RBs, QB) for handoff drills. The D was fired up in less than a minute when a loud pop rang over the field and everyone turned to see that LB Ahijah Lane had just lowered the boom on FB Nate Adams. After Pat Hill lauded Lane for his efforts, he shouted out, "Hey Nate, Haji Lane is calling you out!"

Lane was popping pads all day long, the coaches were like broken records praising him.

Though RB Jamal Rashad has looked great so far (he worked with the vets today too), his weakness was exposed in a pass-blocking drill where the RB is isolated against a blitzing LB. Every LB Rashad faced easily juked and poked around him, with Ryan Machado abusing him. In the same drill, Lonyae Miller stood out, locking up the LB on every opportunity, as did Nate Adams.

LB Ben Jacobs also struggled to beat his man in the drill, with assistant Tom Mason pulling him aside to instruct him on a proper club-rip technique.

The team was only in shoulder pads and shorts today, and will be up to full pads by Friday, in anticipation of Saturday's 7 p.m. scrimmage at Bulldog Stadium (free admission).


  1. did you happen to catch any of the freshman practices?

  2. Nope, didn't get to catch that, but Darrell did, hopefully he'll post something soon!


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