Wednesday, August 15, 2007

One long Pitt stop

We remember it being a Fresno State-Colorado State game back in 1997.

Stuck in slow-moving traffic on our way to the game, Simpletext, his uncle and 12-year-old cousin had to listen to the beginning of the game on KMJ when disaster struck.

Bulldogs running back Michael Pittman caughed up a costly fumble.

"YOU SEE, SON!!," uncle screamed. "That's why Pittman won't go pro! He can't hang on to the ball!"

The cab of the truck got silent, the aromas of 12-year-old tears and fear sweat permeating the air. Nobody stood up for Pittman.

But here we are 10 years later, and Pittman is still in the NFL with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's switching to fullback, according to the Bradenton Herald, to take over for the retiring Mike Allstott.

Sorry for not getting your back that night, Michael P. You showed 'im.


  1. Thanks for your work and have a good day

  2. Wow what a smart 12-year-old. Even at that age he had the eye for great Bulldogs talent. It sounds like he believed in him all along and ended up getting the last laugh. Even after that fumble, I'm sure he still stuck up for his guy. MP was always the man, and now he's got 19 1/2 inch arms. Someone with that much talent likely didn't shed tears, though, but that's just a guess. The wonderboy sounds like he was Bulldog Born, Bulldog Bred and will be a Bulldog til the day he's dead.

  3. The most fumble-prone RB in Fresno State history is probably Derrick Ward, who ended up going to some small school later on anyway and is now on the NY Giants.

    Pittman will be successful in whatever role he is in, although he needs to keep his act clean for a while to gain back respect.


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