Sunday, August 12, 2007

A Leader Lost

Want proof that Ahijah Lane was the emotional leader of this Fresno State football team? Look no further than the outpooring of emotions that came from the 'Dogs as he was stretched out on the field near the sideline, unable to move, after the second play of last night's Fan Preview scrimmage at Bulldog Stadium.

Marcus Riley yelled and pleaded for Haji to get up. Quaadir Brown did the same. Ben Jacobs -- the man who will now take Haji's place as the starting MLB -- yelled just as much. The crowd went dead silent as the players' shouts rang over the field.

"Haji, get up! You're OK Haji! COME ON Haji, get up man, get up! You're OK! ..."

He never did. Couldn't hardly move. Teammates and a former teammate, Dwayne Andrews, had to pick him up and sit him on a cart. It's likely the last time he'll touch the field this season (torn patella tendon).

So, who's going to lead the defense now? Who's going to dominate RBs in blitzing drills? Who's going to amp this team up enough to get back to playing Bulldog Football? Who's going to lead the new team cheer of "Bulldog born, Bulldog bred, gonna be a Bulldog 'til the day I'm dead" ...?

Hopefully, somebody...


  1. Lane was loved, respected, needed. I only hope he heals, plays next year (injury redshirt), and realizes his NFL dream. I don't know him personally, but considering the love shown from his teammates, he deserves it.

    Steve Burnes

  2. Yeah, the big question is will one medical redshirt year be enough?

    If this is like Dwayne Wright's injury in the Kansas State game a few years ago, it'll take at least 1 1/2 years to recover...


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