Friday, August 3, 2007

He's the Man(kins)

The Boston Herald has a report on Logan Mankins, and you know you must be a damn good left guard if you're getting feature stories.

In fact, we were thinking about it today while listening to all the Pro Football Hall of Fame talk, and Mankins strikes Simpletext as one of those Bruce Matthews type of lineman who could eventually make the Hall if he hangs around at a dominant level for an extended period.

Heck, they could induct him next year. With that big red Santa beard he has going on, it's hard to tell how old he is.

Seriously, though, who told him to grow that thing. He looks like the red-headed love child of Fidel Castro and Amanda Beard (you know, cause of her last name).


  1. Gotta love Logan Mankins...he's hands down the greatest lineman ever to play for the 'Dogs, maybe to play in the WAC. I challenge someone to find a more dominant college lineman period in recent years...

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