Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The fuzzy memories of bad columnists

David Teel of the Newport News Daily Press really likes Al Groh.

We can tell because Simpletext read his column Wednesday, and the bozo actually claimed that his favorite coach would be 4-0 in bowl games "had instant replay been around to erase a bogus Fresno State touchdown."

Teel, Teel, Teel.

While it's true that Stephen Spach went down before he got into the end zone in that MPC Computers bowl back in 2004, nobody currently off drugs would claim it wasn't a catch.

The 24-ish-yard pass to Spach came on Fresno State's first play of overtime. The reason nobody made a stink about him being down inches away from scoring a touchdown is because there wasn't one person in the stadium or watching at home that wasn't 100% confident the Bulldogs would nudge it in with four downs from the half-foot line.

But Teel gets a couple years away from something and tries to muddy the waters from his perch on the throne of stupidity.

Listen Teel, take that TD call away, and Fresno State still has an overwhelming chance to win. Not even Groh himself thinks the game would have gone differently. He might be a bad coach, but he's not mentally retarded.

Anybody want to e-mail this moron? Here's his addy: Tell him The Bulldog Bounce sent you.


  1. Comical that he would write that. True, Spach wasn't quite in the end zone, but it probably actually saved Virginia some embarrassment and/or injuries on the ensuing play.

    FS followed LT Logan Mankins around the field all day long and if the 'Dogs needed a yard to win, he would have pushed some poor, defenseless Cavalier from the 1-yard line on Boise Smurf Field all the way to the town "LIBRARY!" (yes, that's really the name of their library, at least that's what the sign says)...

  2. I think he is talking about the touchdown at the back of the endzone that got the dogs into overtime

  3. He may be doing just that, but either way, it's sour grapes. They were loaded with NFL talent (D'Brickashaw Ferguson, Heath Miller, Wali Lundy, etc.) and were manhandled by the 'Dogs.


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