Thursday, August 2, 2007

The D.C. area be lovin' Fresno State today

Not only does Maryland/Virginia/D.C. overcredit Bulldogs softball (see below), the Washington Wizards also apparently like second-round pick Dominic McGuire, who left Fresno State this season with one more year of college eligibility.

It was a big topic of discussion wether or not McGuire should leave for the NBA or stay with the Bulldogs this past year, but he's getting treated like a first-round pick by Washington. The Wizards saw him play five summer league games and gave him three years, which means they can go over the salary cap to sign him when he eventually becomes a free agent.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Basketball and softball? Let's get back to the gridiron.

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  1. Yeah...back to the gridion, already!


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